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  1. V6 ClientData not working on Microsoft stack
  2. Windows 8 fast discovery not working
  3. getting return 13 from EnumRadios on panasonic toughpad
  4. Create a wi-fi hotspot
  5. TwclWifiManager without vcl, problems with events
  6. Bluetooth LE development
  7. Kinect
  8. Serial connection without flow control, but manual control of the control wires
  9. To know bluetooth availability and version
  10. WCL with WiiBalanceBoard
  11. Application Error when terminating discovery
  12. Getting bluetooth data without event?
  13. I cannot install WCL_Developer_VCL. version.
  14. Create BT-Serial port to get used in another application
  15. TwclDiscovery.StopMonitoring problem
  16. Finding windows assigned com port with WCL
  17. Creating WCL objects in threads (C++ Builder XE5)
  18. Handle wclAPI and TwclBluetoothRadio with Toshiba dongle
  19. Getting started with IrDA - No discovery
  20. Listen for incoming Files
  21. Usage of the PBAP profile?
  22. Hands-Free Profile Demo using iPhone 3GS tells "feature not supported"
  23. Controlling of wclclient connection sleep modes
  24. How to disable PIN code dialog using virtual port
  25. GSM communication with iPhone 3GS
  26. OnData event: How to catch back the strings complete..?
  27. Problem with wclAuthenticator with Microsoft (V
  28. bluetoothDiscovery OnDeviceFound not fired ?
  29. Documentation
  30. 64-Bit VCL edition?
  31. Authentification problem
  32. WCL - Authentication Windows 7
  33. How to use the wclAPI without VCL
  34. How to create an incoming port
  35. BlueSoleil Drivers Redistribution
  36. Dialing Numbers
  37. Proximity Sender Iphone
  38. Change "TextBlue" name from Proximity Sender
  39. Bluetooth Keyboard and HID
  40. BluetoothDiscoveryDemoXE2 Bug
  41. USB Serial Pull out problem
  42. Selecting and connecting to a specific Bluetooth HID
  43. Discovering and connecting to wiimote
  44. How to support Multi-Bluetooth adapter on one computer?
  45. Wcl Radio.SetName for windows 7/Vista - Internal driver error
  46. WiiMote API documentation
  47. Wifi Windows xp
  48. Memory full on the cell and cause hangs wclvcl textblue?
  49. High Rate of Refusal
  50. Disable optin