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  1. [C++] CwclBluetoothDevice, Pair problem
  2. [C++][CwclClient] The Bluetooth Notifications in settings must be checked
  3. Pairing issue with Microsoft stack
  4. [C++][CwclClient] Retry mechanism
  5. [C++][AuthenticatorDemo]Insecure pairing can succeed,but device can't be removed
  6. WCL with BLE support
  7. Toshiba Bluetooth Stack problems
  8. Toshiba stack crash on Close()
  9. Removing ATL dependency
  10. CwclServer::Close() sometimes hangs
  11. WCL hanging on load()
  12. Static Linking
  13. Integrating WCL with pure Win32 API app
  14. Problems with Thinkpad Bluetooth 4.0 (Broadcom)
  15. Link error Visual Studio 2005 with CwclServer
  16. hook callbacks for Wiimote update
  17. Use Read instead OnData
  18. Manually pairing a device works but using Pair() does not.
  19. Transport not available error when running from ActiveX browser plugin
  20. Pairing returns authentication failed error, but device is paired
  21. Linking wcl.lib in Visual Studio 2008
  22. Virtual COM Port example
  23. WCL with Qt
  24. BluetoothdiscoveryDemo does not find widcomm device
  25. Unstable pairing with iPhone.
  26. Problem with OnDiscoveryComplete event in service.
  27. HandsFreeDemo does not work with MS bluetooth drivers?
  28. Mulitple Connection to Server
  29. First-chance exception problem
  30. OPPServer issue with Microsoft Stack
  31. Using OPPServer and OPPClient on Toshiba Stack
  32. OPPServer on Widcomm and BlueSoleil
  33. Widcomm stack get remote device name
  34. Connection is not gained when trying WCL v6.7.0.0 Widcomm + MS BT stacks
  35. OPPServer with Toshiba Stack
  36. Some functions in the API reference document can not used
  37. data send/receive via bluetooth
  38. CwclAPI::Unload() hangs
  39. CwclClientBluetoothParams::SetAddress linker error
  40. rs232 OnData problem
  41. BluetoothOPPServerApp
  42. multibyte setting version
  43. Is EnumServices interruptable?
  44. Multiple wclOPPClients
  45. Trouble in connecting 2 Pcs