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  1. WCL with BLE support
  2. How to pretend starting A2DP?
  3. Deactivating Bluetooth via WCL
  4. How to use A2DP
  5. Problems with Samsung Galaxy GTS 5570?
  6. Can't set the wclBuetoothRadio Name Property
  7. Bt Chat Server
  8. Can i read print errors with wclclient_onData???? Vb6
  9. Using WCL with 2 Bolutek BTD-6610
  10. Visual Fox - WCL Newbi
  11. Serial Port List
  12. Bluetooth Dongel
  13. How manage multiple connections for mass sending
  14. My first mass sending experience
  16. Two devices connected at the same time on Server
  17. How to write strings in device Virtual COM????
  18. Changing operating range
  19. Problem with Blackberry 8800
  20. Set COD for server
  21. files needed to distribute my application
  22. Problem to make EXE file
  23. connecting bluetooth dongle and mobile and send at commnads to my mobile
  24. How to write an read strings to/from a device with SPP profile only?
  25. About Wifi
  26. GetClassOfDevice