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  1. I have a license for WCL .NET developer but can't download the package
  2. Bluetooth Vibrate Alert Bracelet
  3. Critical error
  4. License for simple BT image receiver?
  5. Generating capture files
  6. AVRCP in Controller role
  7. Bluetooth stacks (confused)
  8. Cancel pending connection before timeout
  9. Connection lost timeout
  10. Removing ATL dependency
  11. wclBluetoothDiscovery::Discovery - bool bFast parameter
  12. License Requirement
  13. WCL hanging on load()
  14. Static Linking
  15. Integrating WCL with pure Win32 API app
  16. Access denied while enumerating services
  17. wclShowError is required for operation???
  18. Two dongles in one PC
  19. Installation issue of Lite edition
  20. WCL new x32 version and new critical bug!
  21. Checking for compatible driver
  22. How to send AT-Codes
  23. Protect WCL files from copying
  24. enabling auto re-connection between MS Windows PC and Instrument w Windows CE
  25. Linking wcl.lib in Visual Studio 2008
  26. Connecting to a known, paired device without discovery
  27. WCL with Qt
  28. communication with more, then 8 devices
  29. Where Can I Use It?
  30. Forum Account Activation Propblem
  31. About order
  32. Visual Fox - WCL Newbi
  33. Redistribution of .dll files of WCL
  34. Phone Explorer: What services are required, and is source available?
  35. Does WCl work with Lego Mindstorms NXT
  36. Suported OS
  37. License Comparation Table
  38. WCL on Bluesoleil
  39. CwclAPI::Unload() hangs
  40. Toshiba Bluetooth multiple connections to headset device
  41. Multiple connections to WCLSERVER
  42. Setup a default Password to Proximty Bluetooth
  43. WiFi Connection
  44. multibyte setting version
  45. How do I override Windows' default OBEX Server?
  46. Problem with the PIN and SDP. Can this Library Solved this?
  47. files needed to distribute my application
  48. Small, Battery powered PC's
  49. Advice on multiple connections on single dongle.
  50. Документация