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  1. MTU Size
  2. UI freezes after ble device unexpectedly disconnects
  3. Problem making a connection to a Dual mode (classic /BLE) Bluetooth device
  4. Error 0x00050015
  5. Bluetooth LE - wclThread?
  6. Device discovered, paired and services enumerated. What next?
  7. Cause of "access denied" when attempting to connect?
  8. Discovering BLE devices with just specific services?
  9. EnumPairedDevices outputting null
  10. connect with UUID
  11. Possible to enumerate both Classic and BLE devices with same manager?
  12. OppServer : no file is send
  13. Unexpected behavior with Radio.Discover() timeout
  14. GetRemotePaired() not returning accurate results
  15. wclRfCommClient not working with
  16. Discovery events not firing
  17. GetRemoteRssi returns WCL_E_BLUETOOTH_UNEXPECTED
  18. wclClientConnectionConnectEvent event is not getting called from wclThread
  19. .Net Device Discover
  20. Advertisement data
  21. Connection interval
  22. Bluetooth Framework Documentation
  23. How to work with Bluetooth LE GATT Devices
  24. Not advertising until Windows Bluetooth Support Service restarted
  25. ChatServer demo and client
  26. Getting timeout on connecting to wcl opp server
  27. WCL BLE don't discover my BLE devices with sena ud100-g03 dongle
  28. Bluetooth low energy: Characteristic OnChange is never called
  29. WCL wclBluetoothHandsFreeClient.OnAudioDisconnect on incomming call
  30. Get Paired devices
  31. Windows 8.1 - Toshiba stack - page fault in nonpaged area
  32. Which device disconnected
  33. How to wait for data with Synchronous Bluetooth Client
  34. V6 ClientData not working on Microsoft stack
  35. Is wclSyncClient thread-safe?
  36. Windows 8 fast discovery not working
  37. getting return 13 from EnumRadios on panasonic toughpad
  38. Chat example service - profile type
  39. internal driver error on wclClient.Write from thread
  40. How to On and Off BT adapter through WCl Library
  41. How to get mac address of BT Adapter
  42. BLE alternative
  43. Async operation and SPP comunication
  44. Interact with advanced audio service
  45. Cannot connect with wclPBAPClient
  46. Can not disconnect completly my device from wclBluetoothHandsFreeClient
  47. WCL v. myHandsFreeClient.CallNumber("") refused spaces in call number
  48. How to detect that my paired device is connected to HandsFreeService using WCL?
  49. Object disposed exception if I try to user a timer after OnDeviceFound event
  50. Get paired and connected devices without running discovering function