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Title: WCL with Qt
Post by: RobBrownNZ on September 07, 2012, 12:53:23 AM

I'm evaluating your library for a commercial project. Our application is written with Qt ( http://qt-project.org/ ) which is wonderful for our needs, but which doesn't seem to work well with WCL. I've been using your MFC version but I wonder if the .NET version would be better. The problems I'm having are things like incompatible wchar_t types (and other ATL oddities), non-functioning __hook and __unhook etc.

My preference would be to use WCL in binary form because I really don't have time to dive into your source code. However I am open to the idea of buying your source code and doing a full conversion to Qt (which will take a lot more time, but is likely to produce a cleaner result).

So could you please answer a few questions:
1) Do you have any experience at using WCL with Qt?
2) Would you recommend the MFC or .NET version as being better?
3) How much of WCL for C++ is MFC-specific? As in, can you estimate how much work it would be to replace the MFC-specific code with a Qt-specific replacement?

Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: WCL with Qt
Post by: Mike Petrichenko on September 07, 2012, 07:22:19 AM

Unfortunately we do not use Qt for our development. However, one of our customer uses it with MS VS 2010. To fix wchar_t issue use this compiler option: QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += /Zc:wchar_t.
__hook and __unhook is MS specific keywords for event handling in C++ applications.

1. We don't. But at least one of our customer does.
2. Actualy WCL doesn't use MFC (MFC abbr. is in WCL name because of historical reason). WCL uses only standard C++ libraries and templates. It partially uses ATL.
3. WCL is not related from MFC but it was developed under Microsoft compilers. All can be changed easy except events (__hook, __unhook) I think.

May be its better to try COM version?