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Title: Critical error
Post by: joni55 on March 15, 2016, 05:12:59 PM
I often get an error with this stack trace:
  at EnterCriticalSection(_RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION* )
   at wcl.wcl_int.CwclSync.Enter(CwclSync* )
   at wcl.wcl_int.CwclAPI.Unload(CwclAPI* )
   at wcl.wcl_int.CwclAPI.{dtor}(CwclAPI* )
   at wcl.wcl_int.CwclAPI.__vecDelDtor(CwclAPI* , UInt32 A_0)
   at wcl.wclAPI.!wclAPI()
   at wcl.wclAPI.Dispose(Boolean A_0)
   at System.ComponentModel.Component.Finalize()

Is causes my app to crash. Do you know what could it be? I'm using Windows drivers.
Title: Re: Critical error
Post by: Mike Petrichenko on March 15, 2016, 05:32:13 PM

You must always call wclAPI.Unload when your application finished (for example in main form unload event handler, take a look on WCL demos).