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Title: Function Call Details
Post by: servel333 on April 04, 2008, 11:42:11 PM
This topic is intended to cover unspecified details on function calls.

Note: I am no expert on the Bluetooth specification in general.

For starters:
Title: Re: Function Call Details
Post by: Mike Petrichenko on April 05, 2008, 01:33:24 AM
Good day!

wclBluetoothDevice.Assign - what does this do?

The Assign method of any class simple copy the one class, passed as parameter into current one. Let say you have the instance of the wclBluetoothDevice class. And also you have the global variable represents the currently used device. So you may fast copy the instance to the global variable by using Assign method.

Actually, it is mostly usefull for VCL version (because unmanaged code). For .NET version you may simple store the required instance in the any other variable (and the CLR will manage the instances).

Does this return only the Major Device Class + Minor Device Class as a single value, excluding the Service Class?

ClassOfDevice returns complete information about device's class and features. In the attachment you can find all defined classes and usefull contants for it.

Is this related to this document https://www.bluetooth.org/Technical/AssignedNumbers/baseband.htm (https://www.bluetooth.org/Technical/AssignedNumbers/baseband.htm), and as such, are all values on this list valid returns for this function?

Yes, it is.

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