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Title: Wireless Communication Library has been released
Post by: Mike Petrichenko on June 20, 2009, 07:51:20 PM
What's new in 6.5.10 version:

* TwclServer.Name property changed to TwclServer.DeviceName property (VCL Edition);
* TwclOPPServer.Name property changed to TwclOPPServer.DeviceName property (VCL Edition);
* wclOPPServerDemo fo CBuilder is fixed;
* wclServer.Name property changed to wclServer.DeviceName property (.NET Edition);
* wclOPPServer.Name property changed to wclOPPServer.DeviceName property (.NET Edition);
* wclServer.GetName() method changed to wclServer.GetDeviceName() method (MFC Edition);
* wclOPPServer.GetName() method changed to wclOPPServer.GetDeviceName() method (MFC Edition);
* wclServerX.Name property changed to wclServerX.DeviceName property (COM Edition);
* wclOPPServerX.Name property changed to wclOPPServerX.DeviceName property (COM Edition);
* Toshiba connection issue on Vista fixed.