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Wireless Communication Library has been released
« on: February 26, 2012, 12:14:18 PM »
What's new in

* Put method perfomance in wclOPPClient and wclFTPClient has been increased;
* New parameter DoNotCopy for Put method in wclOPPClient and wclFTPClient has been added - set it to True if you do not want to copy passed stream into memory (you must delete Stream object in OnSendComplete event); set it to False (default value) if you want to execute Put as in previous WCL version;
* WCL C++ Edition now ca be used as a static linked library;
* Sending perfomance for wclProximitySender has been increased;
* WCL VCL Edition XE2 samples have been updated ("Unable to set Icon" message has been fixed);
* New methods have been added for wclBluetoothDevice object: AddDevice and RemoveDevice. Methods allow you to Add (install) and Remove (uninstall) Bluetooth device as a Windows device (installs its drivers) (MS drivers);
* BT 2.1 pairing has been fixed;
* New method PairEx has been added to initiate BT 2.1 pairing from PC side;
* OnPaired event has been added for wclAuthenticator - shows authentication result;
* Authenticator Demo has been updated to show OnPaired event and PairEx function usage.

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