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How to post question for technical support
« on: September 26, 2007, 01:08:56 PM »
Dear Bluetooth Framework users!

I really appricate if you will follow this simple rules when will contacting the technical support:

1. Describe your problem in details.
2. Which bluetooth drivers you are using and version of the drivers.
3. Wihch Bluetooth Framework version you are using.
4. Which programming language you are using and its version.
5. What your are doing (and what i must to do) to reproduce the error/problem.
6. For GSMModem the log file from PortMon ( will really appricated.
7. For your own services then GUIDs of the service.
8. If you are using own application on mobile device for communicate with PC - the application or the demo wich works like your application will be very good help for me to find the problem.
9. The code part where problem accours or the description of what you do.
10. Do not post multiple posts for the same problem.
11. If you need provide code part of the BTF use private forum section (the registered users forum section). If you have started topi in public section but need provide the code from BTF please let me know - I'll move the topic into private section.
12. Do not use PM for error/bug reporting.
13. If you send request by e-mail do not post it here.
14. If you have made changes in BTF code (I hope you have read the license agreement before doing this) let me knw what and where you have changed.

And do not forgot that you can contact me by MSN, ICQ or Skype at any time. It is better and the faster way to get the answer for your question.

Please note: I'll try to answer for your questions ASAP. But registered users has high prioity to solving the problem.

Thank you.
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