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WiFi Framework has been released
« on: June 05, 2019, 02:35:27 PM »
What's new

* New property "OpenAuth" has been added in wclWiFiDirectAdvertiser and wclWiFiSoftAP classes. Setting this property to True forces the wclWiFiDirectAdvertiser in Legacy mode and wclWiFiSoftAP to switch to Open Authentication mode (only when device runs in Embedded mode);
* Behavior of the "Passphrase" property has been restored. If the passphrase is not provided the autogenerated one will be used. If "OpenAuth" property is set to True the empty passphrase will be used;
* New method "Start" has been added in wclWiFiSoftAP class. The method takes only one argument "SSID" and starts WiFi Direct Legacy Soft AP in Open Authentication (Open Network) mode (only when device runs in Embedded mode);
* Fixed freezing issue in WiFiDirect classes when WiFi hardware has been removed.


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