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Bluetooth Framework has been released
« on: December 12, 2020, 11:14:19 PM »
What's new:

* New error codes;
* Better detection and reporting about driver or hardware unsupported features;
* Error decoding updated;
* Fixed A/V (NullReferenceException) when stopping LE advertising in Iot or Console application with skApc synchronization;
* ApcSync demo application was removed;
* Console demo application was updated to use skApc (APC synchronization);
* IoT demo applications have been reworked to use APC synchronization;
* skNone synchronization type is now depricated and will be removed soon, use APC instead;
* BLED112: additional maximum available connections control;
* BLED112: fixed issue when unable to re-connect to a GATT device after timeout;
* BLED112: fixed "no service found" issue when an application reads services right after connection established;
* VCL Edition: minor fixes in CBuilder demo applications;
* .NET Edition: fixed bug with RtlZeroMemory not found;
* .NET Edition: fixed .NET Core bug when calling to CopyMemory;
* .NET Edition: fixed WCL_E_BLUETOOTH_DISCOVERING_TERMINATED error reporting when discovering completed with success with BLED112 dongle;
* .NET Edition: fixed NullReferenceException when starting CustomBeacon with empty Data property with BLED112 dongle.


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