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Wireless Communication Library has been released
« on: September 06, 2009, 12:41:08 PM »
Wireless Communication Library has been released.

What's new in the version:
  * Issue with local radio name changing under WidComm Bluetooth stack has been fixed;
  * New error code WCL_E_CONNECTION_TERMINATED has been added for OBEX based clients;
  * New error code WCL_E_PROXIMITY_FILE_UNAVAILABLE has been added for Proximity Sender;
  * The name of the wclBluetoothRadio.Assigned method was changed to wclBluetoothRadio.Assign (.NET Edition);
  * Issue with Put operation (sending hangs up with some phones) has been fixed;
  * DecodeCOD function has been added: the function decodes ClassOfDevice COD into usable value;
  * Bluetooth Client Demo application has been changed to allow you to select service;
  * SetName for local Bluetooth radio fixed to make it working under Win 7;
  * Icon for TwclWiFiManager (VCL Edition);
  * Documentation for COM Edition;
  * Documentation for .NET Edition;
  * Bluetooth Virtual COM Ports;
  * New WidComm stub dll (wcl2wbt2.dll) for support features which were removed from the latest WidComm SDK.



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