Author Topic: wcl.wclOPPClient OnConnect returns WCL_E_TIMEOUT for Nokia 6320i  (Read 9332 times)


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Hi there,

Version : 6.7.x.x
OS : Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3)
Used in : C#.net2.0 project
File : 70kb .jpg

I have found a problem which you may want to look into.

When trying to use a wclOPPClient to send a file to a Nokia 6320i the OnConnect event's wclConnectEventArgs.Error is always returning the value 43 (wclErrors.WCL_E_TIMEOUT). It does deliver without issue to other devices for example Nokia 6300 or Sony Ericsson k700i

When using the same code with WCL version delivery did not timeout to the Nokia 6320i
I have tested with versions and both experience this timeout issue.

Along with I have the following versions of dlls in the same execution directory
wcl2wbt2.dll = 6,6,3,0
wcl2wbt.dll = 6,7,1,0

I will continue to use for the time being since it generally seems to be working and I want to take advantage of the latest fixes and features.

Also with the move from 6.6.x.x to 6.7.x.x has the property wclOPPClient.ConnectTimeout changed from seconds to milliseconds? The documentation is unclear on what value to set here.

Many thanks
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Re: wcl.wclOPPClient OnConnect returns WCL_E_TIMEOUT for Nokia 6320i
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Thank you for so detailed bug report. I will take a look on it and back to you as soon as possible.

Would be great if you could create a ticket on with the link to this topic, then it gives me a chance to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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