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I completed developing a project using the WCL to establish a connection between a handheld (from our partner, running on Windows CE Mobile, Bluetooth Client) and our system (Windows 10 IOT Enterprise, Bluetooth Server) some months ago. It works without problems until last week.

We advertise a SPP server, the partners handheld searching for SPP servers and connect if the MAC of the servers Bluetooth device is one of ours. The client and server did not pair before.

Until last week every think works fine. By one of our systems the handheld could not find our systems. Also if I try to connect with a Android Device, our system is not visible. I have to restart the Windows "Bluetooth Support Service" and then restart my application. After this it works until Windows boots again.

This issue I have on this one system running Windows 10 Version 1507. All other systems who work fine also have this version. On my computer and a test device running Windows 10 Version 1703 (Creators Update) I also have this issue.

The main projects uses WCL 6.15.1, but I also ported it to 7.2.1. In the new version it

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Re: Not advertising until Windows Bluetooth Support Service restarted
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That may appear if your device is not in Discoverable/Connectable state. Change its state using SetConnectable and SetDiscoverable methods of the BluetoothRadio object (you can find how to do it in BluetoothDiscovery demo for WCL or in BluetoothManager demo for Bluetooth Framework).

Update: I forgot to say that WCL may have problem with that on Windows 10. But Bluetooth Framework does it correctly (that is because OS behavior was changed in Win 10).


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