Author Topic: Wcl Radio.SetName for windows 7/Vista - Internal driver error  (Read 9788 times)


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Good night, Mike

I'm having a problem with Radio.SetName (edNewName.Text), but with the version
6.6.1 I have no problem error windows 7 because in my distributed application
wcl2wbt.dll and wcl2wbt2.dll. But now with version 6.9.0 is giving
following error when trying to rename driver, but only use wcl2wbt.dll:

Internal driver error.

Before posting, I realized that the customer must be with permission
administrator, and have the manifest file with the application. But even though
administrator and with the manifest file direitorio'm still having error. Has
something I can do?


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To be able to change local radio name with WidComm driver you have to use wcl2wbt.dll from OLD folder. Because new WidComm SDK doesn't provide such function.


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