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Hi Mike,
   I'm used to call CwclClient::Connect() to connect a BT device even though it's not paired in my Windows desktop.
   And for the 1st time, system will pop up a dialog to inform users (see screenshot, let users know there's a new device going to be added).
   I found dialog will NOT pop up, if following item not checked :
  Bluetooth > Settings > Notifications > Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect

 So here I'd like to ask :

1. Any API or registry key I can enable this via code so that end-user doesn't need to check it manually
2. For the 1st I try to connect an unpair BT device,
         2.1 - always call CwclClient::Connect(), let WCL pairs for me
         2.2 - call CwclBluetoothDevice()::Pair() first, and then call CwclClient::Connect()

    I don't know which one above is better, what's your suggestion ?

Thanks a lot.

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WCL disables this dialog (not sure which version but 6.14 does it 100%). If you do not want to call Pair before connect use wclAuthenticator instead.


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