Author Topic: Fastest way to try VERY SIMPLE communication between Android and Windows 7?  (Read 8971 times)


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Beginner in Bluetooth here. My end goal is a very simple data exchange between an Android app and a C#/.NET 4 application. My first step would be to try it with any of the delivered examples and an app from Play store.

I have paired the development PC and a test Android (5.1) device already through Windows "Add a device" but where do I go from here? None of the WCL Bluetooth examples seem to be able to discover the device or return errors.

For example, I'd expect the "BlueChatServer" example to be able to listen to incoming connection attempts from the Play Store "GChat" app but when I click "Listen" in the example WCL returns an "Internal driver error".

Any help?

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First at all you have to run applications with identical Service UUID on both sides. I recommend to run any server part on Android, then use BluetoothDiscovery Demo to find your android device and check which services it provides. Then you can connect to it from PC using found service's UUID.


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