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  1. Reading LMP version missing version number ?
  2. [C++] CwclBluetoothDevice, Pair problem
  3. Fastest way to try VERY SIMPLE communication between Android and Windows 7?
  4. UNABLE_CONNECT when removing one of the devices from pairing list
  5. Connected but not in WCL
  6. Check if all sent bluetooth data where received
  7. BlueChatServer not found on Windows 8.1
  8. NullReferenceException when closing server
  9. WCL Demo - SilentAuth
  10. wclBluetoothDiscovery doesn't detect any devices before opening 'Add a device'
  11. System.AccessViolationException was unhandled
  12. [C++][CwclClient] The Bluetooth Notifications in settings must be checked
  13. Win XP: Radio name differs in wclClient.BluetoothParams and wclBluetoothDevice
  14. Pairing issue with Microsoft stack
  15. [C++][CwclClient] Retry mechanism
  16. [C++][AuthenticatorDemo]Insecure pairing can succeed,but device can't be removed
  17. wclClient write hangs
  18. Bluetooth Device gets disconnected when wclVirtualComPort object is disposed
  19. Check if BT-devices are connected / List all connected devices
  20. GetPaired NullReferenceException with new WCL Version 6.14
  21. WCL with BLE support
  22. Discovered wclBluetoothDevices never removed?
  23. WCL with BLE support
  24. WCL with BLE support
  25. Bluetooth LE development
  26. Wrong InRange status after fast discovery
  27. WclBluetoothDiscovery discovers devices that are switched off
  28. To know bluetooth availability and version
  29. Various Errors on Pairing - using Intel Centrino BT 4.0 on MS Driver
  30. BTLE
  31. Toshiba Bluetooth Stack problems
  32. Application Error when terminating discovery
  33. Getting bluetooth data without event?
  34. wclBluetoothDevice.GetPaired always return true
  35. Create BT-Serial port to get used in another application
  36. TwclDiscovery.StopMonitoring problem
  37. Finding windows assigned com port with WCL
  38. Handle wclAPI and TwclBluetoothRadio with Toshiba dongle
  39. Toshiba stack crash on Close()
  40. Listen for incoming Files
  41. CwclServer::Close() sometimes hangs
  42. adding send and receive to Bluetooth Discovery Demo application
  43. WCL_E_ACCESS_DENIED when trying to connect
  44. BluetoothDiscoveryDemo crash on Panasonic FZ-G1 (Windows 8)
  45. wclClient doesn't work with Toshiba stack
  46. Unsecure Connexion
  47. Secure bluetooth chat server and client
  48. HandsFree Profiles
  49. Usage of the PBAP profile?
  50. Hands-Free Profile Demo using iPhone 3GS tells "feature not supported"